Five Kingdoms, vertebrates and invertebrates, and “too easy” spellings

Benji woke up this morning in a desperate rush to learn about science. There is some science on his curriculum but it’s not very often, so we have added ‘science experiments’ at least once a week in the afternoon to bulk it up. Today was biology – the classification of plants and animals and protists and bacteria and fungi. Understanding the differences between the groups just seemed to be easy for him – his brain just seems to be structured in a way that can grasp classifications and sorting. He was able to use, with no prompting or teaching, the flow chart to classify the animals by group. “does it move using it’s muscles” etc. It was just really, really impressive stuff. He then grasped the difference between invertebrates/ vertebrates with no problems whatsoever, and came up with lists of animals for each – a whale, a stingray, a fox and a fish versus a jellyfish, a butterfly, a slug and a woodlouse. He’s cool. I think next time we get into the science, it’ll be sub classifications of animals.

Having whipped through this in about half an hour, including doing lots of practical examples of classifying various things into groups using the flowchart, and thinking up further examples of creatures/ plants etc for each category, he then went up to his bedroom for spellings. He looked at them swiftly and then said “too easy.” The words included, dear reader, limitation and preferred, and others at a similar level. They were indeed too easy.

We try very hard not to be ‘pushy parents’ and to try to ‘make him smart’ but we can’t help feeling absolutely pleased as punch when he just takes to such difficult work like a duck to water. There is a section that is for ‘extension’ work – for extra bright kids – and this is a curriculum for 10-11 year olds, so when our six year old just walks through it with no problem, we just feel so proud. He’s now playing Minecraft in the craft room (appropriate) and apparently Minecraft is a good ‘teaching tool’ and helps them learn maths and other stuff – not sure how. But anyway, he’s done his full day’s work in an hour and his day is now his own.

He chose to spend it at a brilliant home ed soft play event in Newry, with other homeschoolers who don’t radically unschooled-which is a massive relief. We met a lovely lady who had exactly the same reasons to home school as we do, and she was really chatty and great. Then Even though he was tired out, he did 30mins of maths whizz, under his own steam. Brain racing, but no problems. And then mine craft-which he sets fire too and creates zombies and kills them. Then very, very enthusiastic reading of the Tanglewood Tales with mummy Ceri -he ADORES them. We asked him some comprehension and vocab questions as we went along, but his enthusiastic bodily action (including beheading the Minotaur!) told a story all of their own. Granny and grandad from fence coming tonight so much excitement at bedtime-but a really good chat with mummy Ceri tonight confirms that he loves home ed, and the longer he is out, the less he wants to go back to school. Good for him.

we wondered between us whether the right thing for Rowan is to go to school. He would prob cope better than Benji in a school setting, but we aren’t hoping to raise compliant, obedient boys. I guess we are succeeding on tat front, anyway!

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