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Benji’s woken up this morning with a massive enthusiasm for maths whizz – it just doesn’t seem to be abating. He’s sat in his pajamas and pants doing sums for a good 40 minutes – and then played the games. His ‘maths age’ has increased by a good 6 months in the very few weeks that he’s been working on it. It’s great.

After that, it was a science worksheet on rocks. He not only correctly identified the meaning of igneous, sedimentary, lava, metamorphic and some other related terms – matching them to their definitions – he also recalled that information when asked afterwards. Amazing stuff.

Lauren then took the kids to playgroup – but playgroup wasn’t on – so they did soft play instead. They ran about like lunatics, getting very sweaty – and Benji apparently was great with his own brother and cousins, and then got himself a wee mate that he played with all about the place.

This afternoon was lots of reading, and then computer games, and then more reading with mummy Ceri. We are, honestly, kind of kicking about waiting for the arrival of our curriculum – apparently it should be here on Wed. Until then, it’s just a matter of finding him some challenging things to do.  

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