Go Henry spending and wood chips

This morning Benji woke up all biz about Maths Whizz – he is just unstoppable! Today was money and taking 3 digit numbers away from 3 digit numbers IN HIS HEAD! He uses a few ‘steps’ to get there (taking the hundreds, then the tens, then the units) but he does get there – SO proud of him and how hard he’s working.

When Ceri finally tore him away from the computer, she took both the boys out shopping for Benji’s birthday presents. He has a new bike! Red (of course) and a 24 inch frame – flippin huge! He has to wait, though, for his birthday – but he is very, very, very exited about it. We then went shopping for some bits and pieces – including some ‘scary’ books for kids (R L STEIN) which I used to read when I was younger. Benji was very good about ‘hiding out’ in the corner of the ‘works’ shop in Portadown whilst I took Rowan around looking for presents for him. I spent a few quid and got quite a lot.

After that, a quick lunch in town at Wee Barney’s – the boys were beautifully behaved, and very sweet – Rowan ordered his own lunch, and Benji wanted to practice maths with the coins he had – so we did – with ‘help’ from Rowan who thought that obviously what the ‘maths game’ needed was a sprinkling of a variety of condiments and a ‘randomised’ element (i.e. sweeping all the coins on the floor as required with a giggle). We didn’t mind too much, as he was very cute about it. Lunch went off without a hitch.

Benji had a ‘Go Henry’ card for his pocket money and what he earns from his chart. He’s doing really, really well – he can earn 50p per day if he completes every task on it, and it’s really helping him to know what’s coming next. Anyway, he got his two pounds loaded onto his card and ready to go. But disaster! Despite feeling ten feet tall on the way up to the checkout, the card didn’t work! Poor Benji. I had to lend him a couple of quid, and we came home and sorted out the problem. Once fixed, we went back to the supermarket. I think he was quite nervous as he didn’t want to go through a cashier – but once he saw that it would work this time, he was made up. Really proud of himself – chest puffed out, a bit of a ‘swagger’ on – I think he wished he’d gone to the checkout so he could show off to the checkout girl. In the car on the way back, he said to Ceri “mummy, do you think I deserve all the nice things that have happened to me today?” How cute. He bought crayons, a stick that makes a mooing noise, and sweeties – which I thought was a rather nice choice, really. Something to scoff and something to play with and something to do art with – really cool. He’s also decided to save one point per week in his account for Battroborgs – which is some sort of battling boy toy – good for him.

After that, we are trying to sort out our garden so it’s usable – it’s all trees at the moment! We got the chipper out and Benji helped fix it up, and feed the logs in (under very strict supervision!) He absolutely loved it – and was quite protective about the task – just try to help him! He did it for ages and ages and was actually really useful. We got quite a long way. Mummy Ceri failed again to fix up the dog shelter – she keeps changing her mind about how she wants to fix it up.

Dinner was noodles, toast, watermelon, fruit, and a wee tiny bit of chocolate, eaten (at Benji’s suggestion) in his treehouse. We all climbed up there and really enjoyed the evening. Rowan went to bed with no issues, really (although he did pop up once after being put to bed) and Benji read James and the Giant Peach with mummy Ceri and Dinosaurs with mummy La La, and the Beano in bed all by himself, and got tucked in by everybody REALLY late – the logs and tree house picnic was so much fun that we stayed out there for ages.

Really, a beautiful day – just a lovely, family, loved up, beautiful day. We’ve noticed that Benji is just getting more and more mellow as time goes by – I think school was a massive source of stress for him, so to see him blossom is really great.


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