Easter Holidays

Today was fairly chilled – hard sums this morning with Maths Whizz – taking large 2 digit numbers away from large 3 digit numbers – IN HIS HEAD! Totally amazed. Like 697-58. Lauren claims to be able to do this sort of thing, but it’s beyond Ceri. We also ordered a P7 curriculum (top year of primary). We are going to take 18 months rather than a year to cover it, to let us fill in any gaps in knowledge – but in terms of skills, he’s pretty much there. He amazes us every day. We’re really excited now about when it’s arriving – it should be within the next 2 weeks. We’ve ordered a ‘writing’ pack that’s at a lower level – they are deciding it based on a photographed sample of his written work, but we aren’t overly concerned that he’s going to struggle here – it will be more about slowly getting his writing better and better as he works on concepts that are challenging. We don’t want to ‘push’ him with writing, which requires motor skills and co-ordination, both of which with Benji are still at P3 level! No wonder the school found it difficult to find a curriculum for him, to be honest. He is going through Maths Whizz at a rate of 12.6 maths years per calendar year, which it surely isn’t possible to continue – if he does, it’ll be A Levels in 1 year, and even if B’s ready for that, we aren’t!

Honestly, we can’t wait to see what’s coming 🙂

In the early afternoon, once Benji was all ‘mathed out’, Lauren packed both of the boys up in the car and headed off for a surprise afternoon treat. A trip to the new cinema in Craigavon! It was courtesy of Nanny Harra, really. She paid their way to get in to the screen which we are very grateful for. Either Nanny or Aunty Karla were also responsible for a small package of sweets too. Yum!! We saw a film called ‘Home’, about a little alien who finds a family for himself by the end and a place to call his home. But not where you would expect him to find them. Lauren actually found it very sweet, Benji loved the aliens and he laughed extra loud at all of the funniest bits. Rowan was a little bit frightened because of the darkness in the cinema screen so he sat on my knee the whole way through. He did actually sit for the duration though and both of the boys were very well behaved.

After the cinema had finished, the boys persuaded me to drop round to Aunty Karla’s house for a short while before we headed home to ours. It is always nice to go and play at other houses for once because there is a variation of toys. The kids see our toys day in day out and they do get a bit tired of them after a while. It was really nice to sit and have a cup of coffee in someone else’s house as well so Lauren had a relaxing time for about an hour too. Sat down, chatted about usual, everyday, normal stuff. Karla made the boys some toast which they just yummed up and very shortly after 5pm Lauren told the boys it was time to go home. There were some tears from Rowan, as he wanted to take all of the cars and planes home to play with, but when he was told he could borrow a monster truck then he obliged. Benji was very well behaved and had very lovely manners all afternoon. Lauren had pulled him aside and told him the sort of behaviour she might like to see this afternoon and how he might like to use his ‘please’s’ and ‘thank you’s’. It worked out well. This afternoon was really nice and I felt really proud of my boys.

Benji begged us to let him stay up ‘late’ and read. He was so genuinely enthusiastic about reading his books that we agreed and not even reluctantly. He lasted until about 9-9.30pm before retiring to sleep. Should we begrudge a child his love of reading for one night? Naaaaa. I think there are some things we would like to be remembered for when we are dead and gone and one of things is being those cool Mums who let me stay up and read my favourite books sometimes ’til it was really late. And of course, being home schooled allows that to happen more often without bad consequences the next day!

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