Kip McGrath’s, code and whizzing through maths and spelling, and wearing pajamas on his head.

Today was a really solid day of learning. Lots of maths whizz in the morning – he is accelerating through it at a rate of knots. We’re so proud of his hard work – even when it’s challenging. Then spelling – today he managed ‘lucid’, ‘abnormal’ and other ridiculous words. The app chooses the level based on how well he’s doing, so we know we’re not ‘pushing’ him – he’s pushing himself through all the work. He also, startlingly, knew the meaning of all the words he covered. We are really amazed by him.

Brief trip to the shops at lunchtime, then a lovely family lunch. The afternoon was faffing about doing his thing, reading, computer games, playing with the dogs, playing with his brother. Then Kip McGrath where he did code breaking and comprehension challenges. We are really glad that he’s going to Kip McGrath, and really glad that Michael is his teacher, because he has such a good idea of who Benji is and where he’s at – code breaking is totally a perfect activity for Benji, and even though it’s not on the curriculum it is exactly the sort of thing to appeal to Benji’s brain – creativity and maths and communication combined. He’s also got a story to work on about his ‘day out’ based around the five senses. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with. That, again, is perfect for Benji – a combination of creativity and science.

Apparently, he had a wall up around one of the times tables, but Michael approached it from a different direction – on paper and making it a challenge instead of the computer. Benji never used to put up these walls until he went to school – and he’s such a funny little character anyway – it’s so cool that he has another adult about, who can use a variety of strategies to get past his oddities and through to the wee man he is. They aren’t easy to come by!

We also got a letter from the board today – usual gumph about they want to check we’re educating him right. We are going to send a ‘thanks but no thanks’ letter as they have no legal powers whatsoever. We’re ready to follow it up with further information if required – we are on the brink of purchasing a curriculum, so that should be in place by the time the board writes back.

Exciting times!

We just came back from tucking Benji in and he was in bed with his pajama trousers on his head and his pajama top around his nether regions. We were so pleased with the sudden emergence of completely appropriate six year old creative silliness about dress that we totally let him wear them all night like that. That’s just the kind of mummies we are 🙂



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